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Integral to FilmL.A.’s work is ongoing research into the benefits that local filming brings to the Los Angeles region. To that end, we maintain an internal research division devoted to the production, collection and dissemination of information regarding the U.S. film production economy and global production trends. 

Have a question about FilmL.A. data or other film industry studies? Need assistance with a filming-related research project, large or small? Please direct inquiries and opportunities to Adrian McDonald, Research Analyst at 213.977.8636 or

Featured Report: 2016 Pilot Production Report
This report provides updated insight from the organization’s long-running study of new television projects and promising series.

Download the Report (.PDF)

Featured Report: 2015 Feature Film Study
This report analyzes a sample of 109 U.S. feature films released theatrically last year, identifying where they were filmed and how much was spent to produce them. The report also examines California’s top competitors and year-over-year trends in film production yield.

Download the Report (.PDF)

Featured Report: 2015 Production Retrospective
This report aggregates 5 years of film permit-derived data to present a recent overview of on-location film production in Greater Los Angeles. This report is divided into topic sections addressing the most seriously studied production genres in individual detail.

Download the Report (.PDF)

Interpreting Our Reports
Film production activity can be measured in a variety of ways. As of January 2015, FilmL.A.’s, preferred unit of measure is the "Shoot Day" (SD). One SD is defined as a single crew's permission to film a single project, at one or more defined locations, during any given 24-hour period. Older reports from FilmL.A. reference another measure, the “Permitted Production Day.” The two data sets are not compatible.

For a detailed discussion of these units of measure and their differences, please see “Filming On-Location in Los Angeles: 2010-2014.”
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