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Do I Need a Film Permit?

Laws regarding film permit requirements are established by the jurisdictions that FilmL.A. serves.  In the City of Los Angeles, Section 12.22, Subsection 13 of the Los Angeles City Ordinance specifies that a film permit is required for the filming of commercial motion pictures (including television and other like projects) and still photography.  Please contact FilmL.A. if you have questions about whether a permit is required for your specific project.  Generally speaking, non-commercial filming (personal use) does not require a film permit.

How Do I Apply for a Film Permit?

Customers wishing to film in any of our client jurisdictions can fill out a permit application online and track its approval status in real-time using OPS, FilmL.A.'s web-based Online Permit System. 

Apply Online Now

After a brief registration process, OPS users have the ability to:
  • Create and save templates for future permit applications
  • Receive instant confirmation of application receipt
  • Track permit progress and approval status in real-time
  • Download coordinated permits made ready for distribution 
Although the preferred way to apply for permits is online, a traditional pen-and-paper application form is also available.

FilmL.A. Process Guides

Obtaining a film permit involves more than just submitting an application.  As a part of the permit process, applicants must also furnish proof of insurance and other documents and conduct community outreach.

All of this can get rather complicated.  At FilmL.A., it's our job to streamline the permit process, help you work with local communities and speed you on the way to production. 

That's one reason we created Process Guides (see page sidebar), that include step-by-step permit process overviews and detailed jurisdictional requirements.

We want you to have the option to learn about the process before you submit an application.

What if the Guides Don't Answer My Question?

Please contact us for prompt assistance with any permitting questions not addressed on our site.  Our experienced production planning team will be glad to assist you.
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