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FilmL.A.'s core service is to provide expert, centralized coordination of multi-jurisdictional on-location filming permits in the world's highest-volume film production region. Please see the links to the right for more about what we offer.

Neighborhood Notification
Neighborhood notification is vital to ensure on-location production can occur smoothly. Community stakeholders deserve to be well-informed about upcoming filming before film trucks roll into their neighborhoods. To this end, FilmL.A. performs uniform, consistent notification to neighborhoods within the areas we serve.

The notification process is not just a one-way street. Our paper and email Notices of Filming don't just provide details about an upcoming production; they are designed to solicit stakeholder input, so we can work to mitigate potential negative impact to a neighborhood before shooting begins. Each Notice contains the production company's contact information as well as FilmL.A.'s 24-hour telephone number, should a citizen have questions or concerns.

FilmL.A. employs a team of more than 25 experienced field representatives, many of whom are bilingual, to distribute our familiar door hangers to every residential or commercial building within 500 feet of the filming activity and within 200 feet of production-related parking. When exceptional activities such as gunfire, special effects or aerial work occur, we will notify within an expanded radius.

The film permitting process is fluid, and changes to filming activities may occur as government approvals/denials or community concerns are incorporated into the permit before it is issued. FilmL.A. strives to distribute Notices as soon as enough information about a filming request is known -- our goal is to provide two-days' notice.

While the process may sound straightforward enough, there are factors that make notification both a science and an art. If we delay notification until a permit is finalized, we risk denying community stakeholders valuable time to adjust their schedules and/or share their concerns with us. If we notify too early, we risk providing information that may not resemble the filming activities given final approval. If significant changes in activity occur after Notices have already gone out, re-notification may be warranted.

We constantly strive to expand our eNotification Program and adapt new technologies to enhance our community outreach.
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