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What People are Saying

"Been working with you guys quite often and you always deliver. My clients are always very happy. Thank you for all your hard work."

Rocco Ceselin

"We had last minute changes and the office was very helpful in securing us proper permits in the time frame that we needed for a successful shoot. Thank you."

Tiffany Asakawa

“FilmL.A.'s team was incredibly helpful given the rushed nature of our application and considerate in the fact that it was the first time our agency had filmed in Los Angeles."

Charles Cunningham

"I often work with FilmL.A.'s staff and I am always pleased with them and their work. They are overall really helpful and quick to react to any changes that have come up in the process."

Magnea Helgadottir

"You guys are always crazy easy to work with. I love when I find out that a permit location is in your jurisdiction."

Tamir Frazier

"Everyone I spoke with, encountered and interacted with at FilmL.A. was very professional and extra courteous. Truly a great experience overall."

Samir Ali

"Thank you so much for email notification. It is a great step in helping me notify my tenants ahead of time. It takes me 72 hours of time processing paperwork to post the apartment building. At least I got to enjoy dinner yesterday without running out to the property."

Keiko Noda

First National Properties Management Co., Inc.
"Thanks for your help with City Hall. Please pass this on: our FilmL.A. Monitors were great! I cannot imagine having filmed there without their help. I felt like they had everything under control there and wish they'd been involved earlier. A big thanks to them on my behalf."

Ed Lippman

Location Manager
"I just wanted to say how much I love online permitting. Now when we have a question about something, we can log on and look."

Veronique Vowell

Location Manager
"I would like to commend the crew and the crew managers for being courteous, thoughtful and considerate of the residents in the shoot area. [...] We are all pleased to welcome the production crew and their staff to our neighborhood. If the production company needs further shoots in this area they are welcome."

Thomas Chacoon

Resident of Panorama City, CA
“FilmL.A. has always been there to jump in and help out whenever any issues have arisen though the years. They are dedicated individuals who tirelessly strive for the same goal we have; to keep the filming and production payroll here in LA where our families and homes are."

Sam Glynn

Location Manager
"Our great experience today with your FilmL.A. Monitor underscores the importance of having someone from an independent perspective who understands the importance of respecting the needs of production companies and balancing those against the concerns of residents and small businesses. This is exactly how the system should work."

Jonathan Jerald

Arts District Community Filming Liaison