Listing Your Home or Business for Filming in Greater Los Angeles

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Listing Your Home or Business for Filming in Greater Los Angeles

Can you picture your Los Angeles area home or business as the backdrop to a pivotal scene in a popular film or TV show? Do you ever find yourself imagining what you could do with the extra cash from leasing your property to a film production? As exciting as the idea of being a film host may be, you may … Read More

Tools and Resources

MyFilmLASubmit your film permit application, upload required documents and manage your production. A new kind of location library. It’s public property exclusive, and a snap to search. LocoScout helps filmmakers find some future favorites. Misc. ResourcesLos Angeles Studio ZonesThe studio zone is a 30 mile radius used by union film projects to determine per diem rates and driving distances for … Read More

Filming in Your Neighborhood

 Filming in Your NeighborhoodIs a film company planning to film a movie, TV show or TV commercial in your neighborhood? Greater Los Angeles is the film, television and commercial production capital of the world, and the region is rightly celebrated for its creative workforce and unique collection of filming locations. But these locations are often found in neighborhoods where Angelenos … Read More