Change Agent McRae Reports for Duty

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Work at FilmL.A. can be relentlessly frenetic.  Deadlines must be met and community obligations honored, compromises struck and expectations managed.  Our employees may be talented, but their jobs can be demanding.  So, it’s probably no surprise that we invest so much in our people.

Carmen McRae, our director of human resources, has managed this employee investment since early 2003.  The primary architect of our current compensation, benefits and performance management systems, Carmen has proven herself a catalyst for change and a champion of FilmL.A.’s accountability.

Under Carmen’s leadership, FilmL.A. has achieved a level of professionalization unusual among small nonprofits.  An emphasis on staff training — including time, project and personal wealth management, customer service, teambuilding and operational best practices — has positioned us well for growth and for periods of business decline.

Carmen also manages workforce policy with an eye toward employee well-being.  Her concern for ergonomics keeps our desk jockeys safe and productive.  Written company policies keep us legally in compliance, but they also keep us “business casual”, dog-friendly and committed to saving for retirement.

“What impresses me most about this company is the passion our employees bring to their work,” Carmen recently reflected.  “My goal is to reward that passion with opportunities to grow and the tools employees need to keep a healthy work/life balance.”

Prior to joining FilmL.A., Carmen held several positions in human resources, finance and project management with Rockwell Collins, a Fortune 500 manufacturer of aviation electronics.

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