A new way to apply for permits is On The way.

We're excited to tell you more about it.

FilmLA is committed to streamlining and enhancing the on-location filming process. To support this mission, we've invested heavily in new technology to improve the permit application experience.

If you are already familiar with the process of applying for permits using our Online Permit System (OPS), our next-generation permit system could initially take some getting used to.

This page was developed to help you understand the changes coming up in the weeks ahead, and offer you access to FilmLA customer support, should you need it.

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What's Happening

On March 15, FilmLA began rolling out a next-generation online system – MyFilmLA – for film permit coordination.  Beginning on that day, select groups of FilmLA customers began to be granted access to MyFilmLA on an invitation basis, with the goal of opening the platform to all customers in the coming weeks. 

Once MyFilmLA is open to all, we will also commence an orderly one-month phase out of our legacy permit system, OPS.  If you already have an application planned or in progress, not to worry. Applications started in OPS will be coordinated in OPS, as for a short while it is necessary that both systems work in parallel. 

Replacing legacy processes and technology, MyFilmLA will immediately provide account holders with an enhanced film permit application experience.

Future upgrades, many already in development, promise regular enhancements on a timetable measured in months, not years.    

Some of the forthcoming benefits of the new technology include:


  • Streamlined Permit Release

    The rapid release of Location Authorizations (LAs) as they are approved is built into FilmLA’s updated workflow. FilmLA customers can apply for up to ten locations on one application just like before – but can now expect to receive multiple Location Authorizations, each the equivalent of a separate permit, as soon as all requirements are met.

  • GIS Location Intelligence

    FilmLA’s technology investment improves access to information by Solution Services, Permit Operations, and Community Relations teams. This feature enables FilmLA staff to provide better customer service and counsel to film industry customers. It also allows filming locations, basecamp locations, and crew parking locations to be mapped for better conflict avoidance.

  • Automated Invoice Generation

    Customers will have the ability to view and download their invoices that have been paid or are pending payment through a dedicated payment section of the customer portal.

  • Easy Document Uploads

    The ability to upload and attach required documents for current and future applications means fewer emails to send and keep track of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No.  If you already have an OPS Account, you will need to register for a new MyFilmLA Account and choose a new password. Your OPS login will continue to be available for access to the legacy system.