FilmL.A. Board Member Profile: Dan Swartz

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Dan Swartz is the newest member of the FilmL.A. Board of Directors, having been appointed in May 2009 as a community representative.  An architect and real estate developer, Dan is a Midwest transplant (1979) who has loved being a resident of downtown Los Angeles since 2005. To learn his perspectives on FilmL.A. and the Los Angeles film production environment, our … Read More

Staffers Complete Marathon Tour of City

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FilmL.A. staff members can frequently be found walking neighborhoods throughout the region. However, four of our employees recently completed a 26.2-mile trek through Los Angeles’ neighborhoods as part of the L.A. Marathon, held May 25, 2009. We congratulate Donita Booker, notification coordinator; Rory Burton, field service representative; Hans Groszkruger, production coordinator; and Todd Lindgren, vice president of communications for crossing … Read More

FilmL.A. Helps L.A. “Get Noticed”

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Some days, it seems like everyone in L.A. is hoping to get noticed by someone in the film industry.  At FilmL.A., we’re not in the business of helping you to sell a screenplay, find an agent or land an audition, but every day, we still help thousands of locals “get noticed” by film professionals. One of the many services FilmL.A. … Read More

Getting a Grip on Reality

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Since FilmL.A. was founded in 1995, we have regularly provided detailed information about the volume and type of permitted on-location filming coordinated by our office.  Our film production data, widely viewed as the best available benchmark of regional filming activity, has been used by countless researchers studying entertainment and its impact on the local economy. In mid-July, we will publish … Read More

Local Television Pilot Production Plummets

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Not long ago, each February found the Los Angeles region abuzz with film production activity. New television pilots, produced in anticipation of May screenings for network television advertisers, joined continuing TV series, feature films and commercial projects in competition for talent, crews, stage space and sought-after locations. But, pilot producers working in L.A. might find that they have their pick … Read More

Third Annual Location Managers Party Largest Yet

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In May, FilmL.A. hosted its annual Location Managers Party, welcoming more than 150 men and women working hard behind the scenes to facilitate on-location production. With the lights of Downtown Los Angeles as the backdrop, FilmL.A. customers, including Location Managers and permit service representatives, gathered at our offices to unwind, have some quality face-to-face time with FilmL.A. staff and talk … Read More

Location Managers Step in Front of the Camera

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Location Managers are often tasked with making the impossible possible, with making the director’s wishes a reality.  They are responsible for finding and securing film locations and required permits for a production company wishing to shoot on-location. They may also assist in planning the logistics of the film shoot and serve as the production’s community and government liaison.  We at … Read More

Port Ends Filming Hiatus: Southwest Marine Re-Opens

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One of Los Angeles’ most prolific screen icons has taken a brief hiatus but is ready again for cameras to roll. This aging icon, born in 1917 (or shall we say “berthed” in 1917) has played a role in hundreds of movies and TV productions.  We’re not referring to an actor, but rather the Port of Los Angeles’ Southwest Marine … Read More

FilmL.A. Board Member Profile: Christine Essel

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Christine Essel joined Paramount Pictures in 1978, advancing through the ranks to Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and Community Affairs.  In that capacity she was responsible for shaping Paramount’s civic and political presence at the state and local levels, developing legislative strategy and advocating on matters that have the potential to impact the company and the industry.  Ms. Essel has … Read More