FilmL.A. Upgrades Service to Student Filmmakers

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In an effort to better support the filmmakers of the future, FilmL.A. recently unveiled two improvements to its permit process for student filming. The first adjustment involved the creation of a web-based Student Permit Process Guide, a seven-step walkthrough of the film permit process.  Students can now access answers to their most frequently-asked questions about the permit process, and do … Read More

FilmL.A. eNotification Debuts in Hancock Park, Windsor Square

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FilmL.A. has expanded its filming eNotification program to cover residents and property owners in Hancock Park and Windsor Square. As a supplement to FilmL.A.’s standard door-to-door notification service, the new program will offer residents in these areas a convenient new way to stay up-to-date about filming in their neighborhoods. eNotification participants opt-in to receive advance Notices of Filming via email.  … Read More

FilmL.A. Production Coordinators Set Sights on Film Sites

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The March 2008 debut of FilmL.A.’s web-based Online Permit System (OPS), and its subsequent introduction to filmmakers last September, is helping us improve our service to industry customers and area communities. Specifically, the streamlined OPS permit process has enabled us to increase the number of film site visits conducted by FilmL.A. staff. Every week, one of our eight production coordinators … Read More

California Finally Gets Own Filming Incentive

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>After years of work by dedicated champions for entertainment industry jobs, California has a film tax incentive.  On February 20, 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger signed legislation creating tax credits for qualified film and television productions.  The funding allocation is $100 million a year for five years. The state legislature has recognized that the filmed entertainment industry is extremely mobile and that … Read More

L.A. School’s “Fame” Known Throughout the Industry

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Fame, a remake of the 1980 feature film of the same name, just completed filming at Le Conte Middle School in Hollywood.  Filming preparations began at the school in the middle of December and included building an extravagant set in the school’s auditorium. Los Angeles Unified School District schools are frequently used for filming or parking of production vehicles when … Read More

Preventing Problems Through Production Planning

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If you’re working on a feature film, television show or commercial, how do you measure on-the-job frustration? Do you measure it in hours wasted scouting locations that can’t be filmed, either because of conflicts with other productions or area filming restrictions? Or, do you measure it in earfuls of grief from community members or your producer, because the activities you meticulously planned … Read More

L.A.-Based Big-Budget Features Going, Going, Gone?

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FilmL.A.’s annual production figures for 2008 are in, and the data reveal that all is not well with L.A.’s signature industry. Total on-location filming coordinated by FilmL.A. decreased 8.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008 compared to the same period in 2007, from 13,353 to 12,277 permitted days of production.  By year’s end, total days had dropped 1.7 percent, … Read More

L.A. Filming Centennial Highlights What’s at Stake

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This year Los Angeles’ movie industry celebrates a centennial.  One hundred years ago in 1909 the first motion picture filmed entirely within Los Angeles was shot downtown at 8th and Olive.  Film production became a signature industry for our region and state, as its products were exported throughout the world. Unfortunately, movie industry jobs have been exported as well. The phenomenon … Read More

A Landmark Sign of Cooperation

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Filming on-location requires the involvement and approvals of numerous government departments, agencies and private entities.  Our job at FilmL.A. is to streamline the permitting process by ensuring good communication between these parties and clear protocols for filming where jurisdictions overlap. A great example of overlapping jurisdictions is the area around the Hollywood Sign in Griffith Park.  The famous landmark sign … Read More

Japanese Garden Re-opens to Filming

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FilmL.A. is pleased to announce the re-opening of the Japanese Garden at the Donald C. Tillman Reclamation Plant to filming following a hiatus of more than one year. The popular Van Nuys filming destination has been closed to filmmakers since mid-2007, while the site underwent a multi-faceted $480,000 renovation. FilmL.A. has been instrumental in helping filmmakers obtain access to the … Read More