Notice of FilmL.A. Fee Increase, Effective July 1, 2018

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FilmL.A. will implement a revised fee schedule for new permit applications received on or after July 1, 2018.  The Film & Television industry requested that FilmL.A. update its fees on a more incremental  basis rather than accumulate CPI (Consumer Price Index for the Los Angeles Region) increases over time.

The new schedule will reflect raises to FilmL.A.’s standard fees (last raised in 2016) including but not limited to application, notification and rider fees with nominal increases for other permit coordination related services.  Key rates are listed below:

FilmL.A. Application Fee $660 $685 Permit
FilmL.A. Permit Rider Fee $105 $109 Permit
FilmL.A. Still Photo Fee $63 $65 Permit
FilmL.A. Notification Fee $164 $170 Radius
FilmL.A. Monitor Fee $31 $32 Hour

FilmL.A. strives to avoid increases beyond that necessary to sustain the organization’s mission to the region’s film industry and its municipal clients.  Although contractually authorized to increase fees by the full amount of the region’s CPI, these rates represent just over half of the total CPI increase from July 2016 to present.

The complete list of FilmL.A.’s fees will be updated on our website on July 1 (

Our Production Planning team is available to assist if you have questions, they can be reached by calling 213-977-8600 or by email at