Summer Filming Restrictions at L.A. County Beaches

FilmL.A.Production Alerts

Summer is nearly upon us, bringing the return of filming restrictions for L.A. County Beaches.

All Los Angeles County Beaches will be off-limits for weekend filming beginning Saturday, May 20th through Sunday, September 10th.  The Department of Beaches and Harbors has announced that no beach filming may take place on Friday, May 26th through May 30th, in anticipation of Memorial Day Weekend.

Venice Beach filming and still photography is restricted at the Breakwater tower and on all Avenue towers (numbers 18 through 26) on both weekends and weekdays for the same time period.  Zuma and Surfrider beaches will be closed to filming and still photography on both weekends and weekdays as well.

The Department of Beaches and Harbors will continue to review all requests for base-camping at the Zuma Beach parking lot on a case-by-case basis, although the beach itself is closed.

Should you have questions about beach filming availability, please feel free to contact FilmL.A.’s Beach Specialist at 213-977-8600.

Photo: Julie Horton