I Support Filming in Los Angeles Because….

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“One of the things that’s getting very lost in the business of movies, where people go… very often to Canada to shoot films… is that we lose the ability to capture parts of our own culture.” — Director James Mangold (Director’s Commentary, Walk the Line) As it turns out, many of the Film Works supporters who’ve signed onto the campaign … Read More

FilmL.A., Partners Launch “Film Works” Marketing Campaign

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On December 13th, 2010, FilmL.A. launched “Film Works” — a stakeholder-driven marketing campaign designed to promote filming in Los Angeles. Conceived and supported by a growing coalition of entertainment industry, community and government partners, the Film Works campaign exists to remind Angelenos of the economic and cultural benefits the L.A. region receives from local filming, while highlighting the challenges local … Read More

No Campaign, No Gain

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Launching a public education campaign to garner community and legislative support for the filmed entertainment industry has long been a goal of industry champions.  FilmL.A. Board Chair Pamm Fair, who also serves as Deputy National Executive Director for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) has made getting such a campaign off the ground a top priority during her tenure.    This … Read More

Waiting for Their Big Break(even)

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This is L.A.  Nearly everyone knows someone who wants to “make it” in showbiz — as a singer, actor, writer, director, etc.  But there are numerous local businesses that serve the entertainment industry that are also trying to “make it” — by keeping their doors open and staff employed, as the struggling economy and the flight of the industry to … Read More