FilmL.A. Field Staff Racks Up Miles, Rewards for Safe Driving Habits

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It’s a little-known fact that more than half of FilmL.A.’s workforce is comprised of field personnel serving as Field Services Representatives and FilmL.A. Monitors. And whether they’re tasked with distributing Notices of Filming to area communities or spending their days, nights or weekends monitoring film shoots, their jobs require traveling all over Los Angeles County, racking up a lot of … Read More

Five Years and Counting – FilmL.A.’s Location Managers Reception

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Last Thursday, May 12, as the setting summer sun cast a striking copper glow over downtown Los Angeles, scores of eager location managers, assistant location managers, location scouts and permit service representatives filtered into FilmL.A.’s downtown office. Having long ago opted-in for online delivery, most of the arrivals hadn’t come to pick up permits.  Instead, they’d arrived ready to sit … Read More

Change Agent McRae Reports for Duty

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Work at FilmL.A. can be relentlessly frenetic.  Deadlines must be met and community obligations honored, compromises struck and expectations managed.  Our employees may be talented, but their jobs can be demanding.  So, it’s probably no surprise that we invest so much in our people. Carmen McRae, our director of human resources, has managed this employee investment since early 2003.  The primary … Read More

FilmL.A. Staff Patently Inventive

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For some, the term “inventor” conjures a mental image of a nutty professor similar to Doc Brown from Back to the Future.  FilmL.A.’s inventive staff members — none of whom have wild gray hair or resemble Doc Brown in the slightest — recently created and launched OPS, our Online Permit System, for which a patent application is on file with … Read More

Preventing Problems Through Production Planning

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If you’re working on a feature film, television show or commercial, how do you measure on-the-job frustration? Do you measure it in hours wasted scouting locations that can’t be filmed, either because of conflicts with other productions or area filming restrictions? Or, do you measure it in earfuls of grief from community members or your producer, because the activities you meticulously planned … Read More